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We are paper pack solution team consisting of representative engineers having the careers over 25-years. Our customers can be provided with all solutions such as project planning, facility & machines, factory setup and installation, training, A/S service etc from one enterprise stably.

PASO is providing the latest technology and information in the field of the paper pack production solution continuously. In addition, we provide the service to globally wherever all over the world, and various types of customised service.

Sincerely yours, Team of PASO.


In case of paper cup manufacturing facility, if they select the machines only considering the price without technical know-how and consulting, there may be lots of problems and trial & errors. PASO provides the optimized consulting based on the analysis of production process. We diagnose the machine which reduces the production efficiency due to frequent faults and partial defects, and provide them with customized system at low price.

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We provide general planning and consulting for the company who plans new establishment in paper cup project or wants to reorganize the existing facilities. The project consulting provided according to the company size and capital, Covers widely from simple arrangement of machines to planning completely new layout of paper cup factory.

You will be provided with all services from PASO fast and stably. Based on the optimized layout, the basic line such as electricity, air etc, shall be arranged In the detail. And the machines selected through consulting shall be installed stably and completely. PASO conducts strict quality test and checks various mechanical elements required to the completion of paper cup. We hand over all machines to customer in optimal condition to make the final production possible

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Project Consulting
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Factory Setup
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